Custom and standard hinges & hardware

We are a leading global manufacturer of hinge & hardware solutions. Our broad product line and robust manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer both standard and customized “made to print” solutions across several markets and industries.

Through our experience, we understand the specific requirements and unique attributes for each of the industries that we have a presence in.

Value Adds

  • 1. Selection

    A wide array of standard off-the-shelf SKU’s

  • 2. Custom Options

    Endless combinations of custom, “made to print” solutions with a full compliment of materials and capabilities at your disposal

  • 3. Expertise

    Depth of expertise in hinge & hardware manufacturing as well as engineering support

  • 4. Quality

    Superior quality and exceptional reliability

Hinge & Hardware Capabilities

  • Hinges

    Piano, Heavy Duty, Butt, Loose Joint, Mil-Spec, Plastic, Living, Formed, Door, Spring Door, Cabinet, Strap, Tee, Weld-On, Truck/Trailer, Marine, Refrigeration…more!

  • Adjustable Handles

    Ball Style, Heavy Duty, Teardrop/Modern Style, Button Head…more!

  • Pins

    Hand Retractable, Positive Stop Release, Quick Release, Ball Locking, Alignment, Dowel

  • Pull Handles

    Threaded holes, Threaded Studs, Load-Rated, Unthreaded, Antimicrobial, Offset, Weld-On, Cut-To-Length, Folding, Folding w/Mounting Plate, Recessed Folding, Load-Rated Folding, Recessed, Specialty, Assist/Locking…more!

  • Ball & Spring Plungers

    Standard Spring, Short Spring, Ball, Press Fit, Hand Retractable, Lateral Spring, Accessories

  • Handwheels

    Diverse variety of styles available – with or without handles, many materials & finishes

  • Industrial Knobs

    Grip Style, Instrument Style, Ball Lever, Lobed, Soft Touch, Wing Style, Locking…more!

  • Crank Handles

    Diverse variety of styles available – Fold-A-Way, Revolving, many materials & finishes

  • Leveling Mounts, Feet, & Pads

    Adjustable Glides, Level Pads, Level-It Studs, Mighty Mount Style, Polymount Style, Snaplock Styles, Swivel & Toggle Pads, Threaded Tube, Rattle Mount w/Brackets, Anti-Vibe Styles

  • Magnets

    Neodymium, Ceramic Style, Cylindrical Permanent Assemblies, Cup Style, Magnetic Catches, Lifting Magnets, Material Handling, Flexible Magnetic Material, Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Assemblies

  • Simulation Cables & Wiring

    Medical, Military, Aerospace, Increased Bandwidth, Signal Isolation Custom Shielding, Ruggedized Environment

  • Springs

    Flat Springs, Mechanical Wire Springs

  • Casters

    Swivel Style, Rigid Style, Spring Ring Stem, Threaded Stem, Expanding Adapter Style, Pneumatic Style, Heavy Duty, Business Machine Style

  • Industrial Handles

    Adjustable, Crank, Finger Style, Handle Sleeves, Fold-A-Way, Revolving, Speed Ball, Spinner Knobs, T-Handles, Pull Handles

  • Hoist Rings

    Pivoting, Side-Pull, Swivel Style, Rope Rings, Accessories

  • Hooks & Shackles

    Grab Hooks, Shackles, Slip Hooks, Thimbles, Chains, Cam Release Lever Binder, Universal Plate Clamps, Wire Rope Clips, Magnetic Hooks…more!

  • Lever Arms

    Heavy Duty, Single Arm Style, Two Arm Style, Four Arm Style, Lever Handles, Offset Arm Levers, Ergo Control Levers, Adjustable Cam Levers

  • Locks

    Flat Key Wafer Style, Tubular Cam Lock, High Security Cam Lock, Keyless Thumb Turn, Refrigeration Lock, Heavy Duty Camp Lock

  • Fasteners

    Hex Cap, L9, Nuts, Washers, Anchors, Pins, Keys, Square Head Set Screws, Bolts, Screws, Rods, Socket Screws…more! Wide variety of types, materials, finishes available

  • Specialty Vehicle

    Heavy Duty Cam Locks, Truck/Trailer Hinges, Assist/Locking Handles, Refrigeration Hinges/Locks, Hood/Paddle Latches, Door Holders, Ventilators, Rope Rings, Hinges, Folding Assist, Gas Springs, Footman Loops

  • Drawer Slides

    Diverse variety of ball bearing styles available – many materials and finishes available

  • Rod Ends

    Heavy Duty, Chromoly, Carbon Steel, Aircraft Aluminum, Aluminum…more!